"Katherine Park is an amazing teacher with such a positive nature. So happy to have found someone to encourage and mold Heidi's abilities!"

- Heather M.

"You are a lighthouse. You shine straight and true, yet sweeps across uncertain waters, showing the way to harbor, trusting the ship to do the sailing. I just wanted to thank you for your heartfelt teaching. Your honesty, your vision, are clear like reading from a book of truths. Those are my words meant just for you. It’s what I saw in my minds eye as you left today. You have a unique gift – a presence that is both confident and curious, ecstatic yet measured and honest in a way that feels both safe and wonderfully alive. Have a wonderful evening. Thank you for the links et al."

- Paul Fiala, Songwriter 

Joey wants to do music class every day. She loves it.

- Hai 

Hi Ms. Katherine! Hope all is going well!  I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you again for all the time you spend with me and Ben in the music classes.  I still sing 'Bim Bam Biri Biri Bam' and 'Ally Bally' to him every night to put him to sleep! Hope you're having a nice summer! =) 

Love, Kati & Ben

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