Our goals as teachers are inspired by the Walk of Hearts criterea, and by wonderful teachers who have taught us about the arts and inspired us as human beings.

We aim to:

  • Create a cheerful learning environment.
  • Demonstrate fairness.
  • Support students both inside and outside of the classroom by creating and encouraging performance opportunities.
  • Prepare material for every semester, and tailor repertoire and study to benefit each student. 
  • Demonstrate and encourage a lifelong love of learning.
  • Value every student, of all aptitudes and abilities. 
  • Engage in friendly communication with parents in person and via text, email, and phone, be passionate about community spirit, and the local arts community.
  • Set an example of professionalism, we try to share good ideas and best methods with one another, and we nurture an atmosphere of artistic excellence and and wonder.

- Inspired by  http://www.walkofhearts.com/criteria.html . 2016

 Meet Katherine ParkPhoto: Ed Moy

Katherine Park founded KPCA in September 2015. Katherine is an award winning actor, singer, and recording artist, and stars in films that have screened internationally in film festivals around the world. She teaches voice, piano, early childhood music, and enrichment programs and mentorships for music teachers. 

She is the face of the Baskin Robbins "American Sweetness" social media campaign, and made her musical theatre and theatre debuts in 2016 include her role as Jeung Ying in Eddie Wong's sold out play "Broken Blossoms" produced by the Chinese Historical Society of America, and in various roles in The Tribe Productions' 20th anniversary production of the smash hit musical comedy "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."

Katherine performs often and attracts audience members from across the world. She earned her bachelor of music degree from The Hartt School, and studied singing and song interperetation with Tony Award Winner and Kennedy Center Honoree Barbara Cook privately in New York City. Her music is available on iTunes.

Learn more about Katherine or ask her a question at k@katherinepark.com

Associated Teachers:

Meet Sky Tan

Sky Tan is a pianist, composer, recording artist, and piano teacher. She earned her Masters in the Performing Arts in China and trained under Russian pianist Dr. Alexander Goncharov for six years. She has performed in multiple concerts in both China and the US including solo concerts, duets, and ensembles.

She currently plays for the San Francisco Ballet, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, the Berkeley Ballet Theater and the Alameda Ballet Academy. In 2016 she released an album titled ‘Piano Ballet Standards’ that is used in multiple ballet classes throughout the world, available on iTunes and Amazon.


Sky has been teaching piano to kids and adults since the year 2000 and many of her students have gone on to win piano competitions as well as passing their ABRSM exams. She teaches with patience, her love and passion for music and by believing that music is key to a beautiful life. Learn more about Sky 

Mandy Paige Bayless (More info coming soon!)