Ages 2-6 years*

If your child is new to singing lessons, with little experience but love to sing and/or this will be their very first voice lesson, this class is for you! 

Weekly Private lessons begin with taking a bow together, brief body and voice warm-up songs and rhymes, singing action songs to learn basic music concepts, ear training, learning solfege do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do with hand signs, sight-singing, echo songs, call and response songs, action songs, keeping the beat, simple folk songs and cannons from Itsy Bitsy Spider to Frère Jacques to folk songs like I gave my love a cherry, and musical theater gems from Sound of Music.

With an emphasis on developing the confidence to sing a capella with healthy sound production, using the full range of the voice- particularly in the key of F and G Major to encourage healthy and singing in the middle and high vocal range, good intonation, rhythm, and creative musicality and imaginative performing, children receive a light introduction to instruments like piano and ukulele incorporated in age-appropriate music games and concepts. The classic songs and rhymes provide a basis for understanding the musical concepts of form and expression. A wonderful supplement to Music Together classes, and a fantastic preparation for instrument/voice performance study, and a lifetime love of music with music games, body mapping, breathing, as well as creating their own rhythm patterns and short improvised songs. Kids and parents/guardians have fun singing the music, acting out motions, making happy memories together! Classes end with singing a folk song together with the teacher and taking another bow. Parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged to attend class and learn together.

Your teacher will recommend books and materials tailored to your child and some books we love are The Book of Echo Songs, The Book of Call and Response Songs, and The Book of Cannons

Recommended materials: Tote Bag, Voice Recorder, a notebook, a pencil with an eraser, two sturdy 3-ring binders, it is recommended that voice students also study piano or another instrument, and your teacher will recommend books and recordings for your family.

*Ages are suggested not required - all lessons/classes are tailored custom to your child's musical aptitude and readiness. 

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