Ages 2-6 years*

If your child is brand new to piano, and this will be their very first piano lesson, this class is for you! 

Weekly Private lessons begin with taking a bow together, singing action songs to learn basic music concepts and coordinating our fingers, and learning how to sit at the piano, learning the numbers of our fingers, identifying black and white keys, playing individual notes, rhythm patterns, and simple songs like Twinkle twinkle little star, with an emphasis of becoming comfortable and fluent with the entire keyboard, techniques like legato and staccato, loud/soft, high/low, steps/skips, an introduction to playing and singing by ear and also learning to read music by sight, as well as creating their own rhythm patterns and short songs. Classes end with singing a folk song together with the teacher and taking another bow. Parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged to attend class and learn together.

Your teacher will recommend books and materials tailored to your child and some books we love are the Suzuki Piano Method Book 1 & CD, The Music Road - A Journey in Music Reading, Music for Little Mozarts, David Carr Glover Method for Piano, Dozen a Day - Mini Book, The Book of Echo Songs, The Book of Call and Response Songs, and The Book of Cannons

Recommended materials: Tote Bag, Voice Recorder, a notebook, a pencil with an eraser, it is recommended that you have a piano in your home. If you don't have a piano yet, your teacher is happy to help your family choose a quality piano within your budget, your teacher will recommend books and recordings for your family.

*Ages are suggested not required - all lessons/classes are tailored custom to your child's musical aptitude and readiness. 

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