Adult Intermediate Voice

If you love to sing and have had two or more years of singing training, this class is for you!

Weekly private classes begin with a greeting, a relaxing and centering body stretch, breathing exercises, body mapping. With siren sounds, lip-trills, and warming up the voice, intervals, major and minor scales, consonants, vowels, diphthongs.

Students review best practices to care for our body as an instrument including managing stress, healthy everyday routines, and drinking plenty of water. Music theory, sight-singing, ear training, cannons, and a versatile repertoire of folk songs, western art songs of various eras, musical theater songs, pop, rock, jazz, and more. Students are encouraged to create and seek opportunities to perform in their community, treat lessons like professional call/rehearsal times, encourage their peers, practice artistic professionalism and model good musicianship.

Students use their full vocal range in a healthy way to encourage a lifetime of bel canto and the joy of healthy singing. There is nothing quite like the lift in your lungs and the smile in your step after a good singing session. Lessons end with a song or exercise of the student's choice. 

Some books we love to use are The Book of Cannons, The Book of Echo Songs, The Book of Call and Response, Seiber: 36 eight-measure vocalises, Marchesi Vocal Method, 26 Italian Songs and Arias, The first book of Soprano/Mezzo/Alto/Bass/Tenor Solos, Singers Musical Theater Anthology, 333 Reading Exercises, Kodaly Choral Method: 100 Hungarian Folk Songs, Standard Vocal Literature, The French Anthology, and many more. 

Recommended materials: It's not necessary to bring anything other than yourself to the first lesson. If you'd like you can prepare a tote bag, notebook, pencil with eraser, two sturdy three-ring binders, voice recording device, and your teacher will recommend books and recordings for you. 

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