First Steps in Music

Ages 0-6 years*

If you are considering future voice, piano or instrument lessons for your child, and want to build a solid love and foundation for music within your family, this class is for you!

Private once weekly "Sing with Me" lessons for children with their parent/guardian including finger/action songs from This little piggy went to market, and bounces, tickling, and lullaby songs with baby to I'm a little teapot, short and stout, and Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, and counting songs, engage your child's imagination at every stage of their development.

Movement and music to hundreds of the best-loved songs for little ones, as well as light introduction to instruments like piano and ukulele incorporated in age appropriate music games and concepts. The classic songs and rhymes provide a basis for understanding the musical concepts of form and expression. A wonderful supplement to Music Together classes, and a fantastic preparation for instrument/voice performance study, and a lifetime love of music. Kids and parent/guardians have fun singing the music, acting out motions, making happy memories together! Recommended materials: Tote Bag, Voice Recorder, and your teacher will recommend a book or two of songs for your family.

*Ages are suggested not required - all lessons/classes are tailored custom to your child's musical aptitude and readiness. 

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