Adult Beginning Piano

If you've taken some piano, or this is your very first piano lesson, this class is for you!

Weekly, private one-on-one classes begin with technical exercises, learning intervals, phrasing, as well as reading musical notation, ear training, theory, and a repertoire of many beloved songs, with an emphasis of becoming comfortable and fluent with the entire keyboard, playing songs by heart with beautiful and creative musicality, as well as improvising, listening to music, and creating their own short songs. Classes end with performing a song or exercise of the student's choice. 

Your teacher will recommend books and materials tailored to your child and some books we love are the Suzuki Piano Method Books & CDsThe Music Road - A Journey in Music ReadingMusic for Little MozartsDavid Carr Glover Method for PianoDozen a Day Series, An Introduction to Classics and Moderns, Music for Millions Series, and more!

Recommended materials: Tote Bag, Voice Recorder, notebook, a pencil with eraser, it is recommended that you have a piano in your home, your teacher is happy to help your family choose a quality piano well within your budget, and your teacher will recommend books and recordings for your family.

*Ages are suggested not required - all lessons/classes are tailored custom to your child's musical aptitude and readiness. 

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